Onboarding and Due Diligence for complex financial relationships made simple

Financial Institution to Financial Instition relationships are the backbone of the global financial system. BankBridge is revolutionising how they are conducted

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Safely manage and expand your portfolio of fintechs

Full lifecycle management of fintech customers to increase revenue and decrease costs

A unified dashboard to monitor a variety of risks when dealing with fintechs

Giving you the control you need

Automate the manual work to free up compliance and financial crime teams to focus on what really matters

Unified Data

Unify your data inputs to keep a holistic view of your fintech risk

Make sure you are managing the risk posed to you by your fintech clients. Make life easy for your compliance team

Key People

Monitor the key people crucial to keeping you safe

Directors, shareholders, executices, employers. All have responsibilities and all need to be monitored. Feel safe with our comptency and risk assessment


Stay on top of things with always up-to-date reporting features.

We talked about reporting in the section above but we needed three items here, so mentioning it one more time for posterity.

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Embrace a new paradigm in managing fintech risk

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